• We develop for various platforms
  • We are located in Latvia
  • We follow the Scrum process framework
  • We have network of consultants

    What is

    • In our case Latvia.
      With the expectation of
      mutual benefit of some form
    • The transfer of the processes
    • In most cases IT processes,
      to near by country

    Why we
    do it?

    • It is cost
    • Internet infrastructure allows
      for remote work to be done
    • Offshoring is laden with hidden
      management problems
    • It takes 2hr
      to be on site
    • The panacea of outsourcing to
      nations such as India and
      China has proven illusory
    • There is a good supply
      of IT competence

    About Us

    We are an IT development and maintenance company with focus on low costs and efficient development. Our customers see Corint personnel as their own; this can only be achieved by regular presence at the customer’s location. We have highly skilled personnel with a commitment to providing the best solution for our customers.

    • We use the SCRUM process framework in our work
    • Our first employee started working for us as per the end of Q1 this year
    • External/ local consultants are in our network
    • We have an office in central Riga – an hours flight from Stockholm
    • We are Latvian IT company with Swedish ownership / management
    Our location 2 hour flight
    We have an office in central Riga
    2 hour flight from Stockholm